LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO, a leading company in the manufacture, sale and distribution of thermal paper for receipt printers, is once again the cheapest ecommerce on the internet, compared to its main competitors.In fact, so confident are they of their unbeatable prices, that they pay their customers double the difference if they can find a better price on the Internet. 

You only have to enter their website ( to discover the difference compared to their most direct rivals. For example, if we look at the packs of 30 rolls of 80×80, the price difference with ‘Ofitor’ is 11,22%. 

Compared to this same competitor, buying at LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO a pack of 8 units of 80×60 implies a reduction of 33,78% and if the search is set on the pack of 10 rolls of 57×35, the saving is up to 42,37%. Buying at Ofitor a pack of 10 rolls of 80×35 means spending 43,75% more than if you choose LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO. 

Something similar happens when comparing prices with other competitors such as ‘’ where the difference when purchasing a pack of 50 rolls of 80×80 is 17,24%, or 32,04% if we choose to buy them at ‘’. The saving is up to 26,64%, if we compare the price of the same article at  LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO and at ‘Comercial TPV’. 

Comparison with packs of 48 thermal rolls of 80×80 (the most sold on the internet).

  • 52,65€ – LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO
  • 59,26€ – ROLLOSDEPAPEL.ES: Savings of 17,24%
  • 62,00€ – OFITOR: Savings of 22,67%.
  • 64,01€ – COMERCIAL TPV: Savings of 26,64%
  • 67,74 – ROLLOTRMICO80X80.COM: Savings of 32,04%

Guaranteed savings on the purchase of personalized thermal paper 

The price difference is also evident if we look at another item in great demand by customers: customized thermal paper. 

For example, if we compare the pack of 1000 rolls of 80×80 with one ink, we can see how at ‘Ofitor’ the price is 8.88% higher than at LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO. In the case of the pack of 30 the saving is 7.27%. It should be remembered that it is not possible to make this same comparison with the packs of 100, 150, 500, 2.000 o 3.500 rolls of the same size, since ‘Ofitor’ does not offer these products to its customers. 

Compared to this same competitor, buying at LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO a pack of 1,000 rolls of 57×55 in one ink, means saving 37.6% of the total cost. In this case, Ofitor does not offer packs of 200, 500 and 2,000 rolls.  


LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO, leader on online sales

With more than 30 years of experience and with an average production of more than one million thermal rolls per year, LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO has become a leader on online sales, standing out for its low prices and safety, since it offers its entire catalog without bisphenol A, a toxic substance with harmful effects.   

In addition to thermal paper, at LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO you may also purchase paper bags, thermal printers and labels, tagging machines and tagging barbs, adhesive tape, etc.