100 Thermal Paper Rolls PAYMENT TERMINAL 57x35x12 Bisphenol A Free



Price per Unit (VAT included): 0,33€



Diameter Core Size Grammage Rolls per Box
57 mm. 35 mm. 12 mm. 56 gr.


100 Thermal Paper Rolls with measures 57x35x12 Bisphenol A free de la máxima calidad. Rollos de gran longitud, alta sensibilidad y un bajo residuo, manteniendo de esta manera su impresora totalmente libre de restos de residuos de papel que puedan ocasionar fallos u obstrucciones en su cabezal térmico y reduciendo los costes de su mantenimiento al mínimo.

Our 57×35 rolls are manufactured to fit printers, scales, cash registers, POS and weights with a width of 57mm.

The 57×35 thermal paper rolls are manufactured to fit 57mm wide printers, allowing, thanks to the large number of meters per roll, to minimize the number of changes in your printer, saving time and hassle.

Our 57×35 rolls are compatible for all printers, such as: Axhiom, Bixolon, Bizerba, Casio, Epson, NCR, Okipos, Sam4s Ellix, Samsung, Seypos, Sharp UP and Uniwell.
And if you have any questions regarding the roll your printer uses, please contact us.

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