Last month, in April, net sales were 86% higher than in March.

Thermal paper rolls are experiencing a golden age at La Tienda del Rollo, specialists in the field.Since the beginning of the pandemic and the consequent rise of working from home and less interpersonal and more online shopping and communication, sales through this channel have increased in all sectors. In addition, products such as purchase tickets became even more essential for any business, to have the peace of mind of having all the necessary spare parts for its activity. And tickets are essential to comply with regulations.

With this scenario, coupled with the unbeatable prices of La Tienda del Rollo (they pay double the difference if you find a better price on the Internet), have made their sales and profits have skyrocketed. And things are improving month by month.

Last month, in April, net sales were 83% higher than in March.

And among its offer, which ranges from thermal paper rolls to personalized tickets or paper bags, there are several items that stand out as best sellers above the rest:

  • 60 rolls 80×80
  • 10 POS 57×35 rolls
  • 50 rolls 80×80
  • 80 rolls 80×60
  • 180 rolls 80×80
    Without forgetting, of course, that these data are not surprising when their prices are lower than those of the rest of their competitors. For example, while La Tienda del Rollo offers packs of 80 thermal paper rolls for 53.96 euros, Ofitor or charge 65 euros. These differences are what really matter when setting up a business.
    At La Tienda del Rollo, another point in their favor, they are very conscious of the importance of environmental care. For this reason, all their products do not contain Bisphenol A, a highly polluting chemical substance. They also sell paper bags to do their bit in the fight against plastic waste.