250 Flat Handle Kraft Paper Color Bags “M” 30+16×34 cm


Size: 30+16X34 KRAFT.

All-purpose paper bag for commercial use. Made of 80 grams kraft paper.

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Kraft Paper color bags with measures 30+16×34 cm for all uses in stores. Made of 80 grams kraft paper from 100% wood from forests with farms in balance with the environment. Biodegradable and recyclable.

This bag offers great versatility for use in all types of stores: jewelry stores, take-away food, haberdashery, watches, pharmacies, cosmetics, perfumeries, textiles, costume jewelry and accessories.

The paper bag is increasingly introduced in all stores, as it is the sustainable, respectful and economical alternative to the plastic bag.

At LA TIENDA DEL ROLLO, we are aware and work actively in the fight for the environment and protection of our natural resources.  So saying paper does not mean deforestation, on the contrary, our products are subject to the PEFC Forest Certification that guarantees sustainable forest management.

The company’s objective has always been to manufacture quality and environmentally friendly products.

These are products with recycled and neutralized materials that are 100% biodegradable, recyclable and that today constitute the only sustainable alternative to plastic bags.


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