15 Thermal Paper Rolls 80x60x12 Bisphenol A Free



Price per Unit (VAT included): 1,53€



Diameter Core Size Grammage

Rolls per Box

80 mm. 60 mm. 12 mm. 56 gr.



15 Thermal Paper Rolls with measures 80x60x12 Bisfenol A Free of the highest quality. Long length rolls, high sensitivity and low residue, keeping your printer completely free of paper residues that can cause failures or obstructions in your thermal head and reducing maintenance costs to a minimum.

Thanks to the 15-roll pack format, the weight and cost savings compared to the traditional 48-roll box is very advantageous. In this way, you save space, convenience and with the Free Shipping on all our 8-roll packs, you also save money.

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