The identity and consequent identification in any business is always a plus and currently something increasingly widespread. Whether in a store, a laboratory, a food brand…, having a personalized label on their products with the logo and brand image, for example, so that the customer knows how to distinguish from that moment those particular products and, of course and in many cases, with the components and / or origin of each item, is essential.

“We get a lot of inquiries and we are selling quite a lot,” says Melanie Plaza, manager of La Tienda del Rollo.

Specialists in thermal paper rolls sold online and with the most competitive prices in the market, thermal labels have become another of their priorities due to the high demand.

So much so that as of this June, the prices of this product in their store are going down and, as with the thermal paper rolls, they have once again become leaders in online sales in their sector.

So much so that if the potential customer finds something cheaper on the Internet, La Tienda del Rollo pays double the difference.

The ideal is to opt for the packs they offer, since, in addition, their shipping costs are free and arrive within 24 hours (within the peninsula). For example, the pack of 18 rolls of thermal adhesive labels 40×25 goes from 43.90 euros to 38 euros.

And always with the care for the environment as one of its fundamental purposes, both in the rolls and labels, they make the difference with the old inks that produced chemical waste. From La Tienda del Rollo they highlight how thermal printing brings benefits to the planet such as the following: without toner, plastic casings are avoided, as well as the use of a lighter paper that is less harmful to forests; thermal printing does not need more consumables, only paper and heat, and the printing machines are more durable because they do not release ink waste, among others things.